To determine which forms your project requires, please check each of the boxes below that apply to your research.

For more specific form questions please refer to the: ISEF Rules Wizard

Check here if none of the boxes below apply to your project
Work will be done in an institutional or industrial setting
Involves human subjects
Involves vertebrate animals
Involves controlled substances
Involves Micro-organisms or rDNA
Involves human or animal tissue
Involves hazardous substances or device
Project is a continuation from a previous year or is using information learned in a prior year in a new way (ex. year 1 ants eat sugar, year 2 ants build tunnels)
You are coordinating all projects for a school

Once all the forms you need are displayed, link to each one and print. Each document is available as a PDF.
Click here to download a free copy of Adobe's Acrobat Reader

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