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The Forms Wizard is meant to help you determine which forms are required for your project. After selecting the checkboxes on the left, use the links generated below to download the forms for the current fair year (2024).

Please note that forms 1, 1A, 1B, and Abstract must be submitted to your fair using the AFOR System. All other required forms need to be printed from this page so the appropriate person may fill in the information before you upload them to your Google Shared Folder

Note: Any forms downloaded from this page before 06/27/2023, may be outdated. Please ensure you have the correct versions for this fair year.

Middle School Projects following the MS Super-EZ Rules should use the MSEZ Form

Based on your choices, the forms you need are:

Please make a selection in the panel to your left to display the required forms.

Additional Required Forms
These forms are not available to complete on-line, the PDF version here must be downloaded and completed manually.

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